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Cash Rebates

Real Estate One is pleased to provide the Personal Perks program for your company to enhance your employee benefit program. We recognize that in such a relationship, the commitment to quality is vitally important as an extension of your company. Use the Rebate Calculator below to estimate what the rebate would be. A 3% commission on the side being rebated is required to be eligle for the rebate.

Customers who buy and sell will receive TWO rebates! 

State Disclosures


This program is available to members nationwide, although incentives are prohibited in some states. AK,DE, IA, NJ, OK, KS, KY, LA, MO, MS, NM, OR, RI, and WV do not allow incentives/rebates to be shared back with individuals. However, you are still eligible to receive the professional services of our network approved real estate professionals.


Although, AL, NH, SD, and TN will not allow cash incentives/rebates to be paid to individuals looking to buy or sell a home, you are eligible to receive a credit at closing of the same amount as the cash incentive/rebate. This credit will be reflected on the HUD1 statement at the time of closing, reducing your closing cost.

The Personal Perks® program cannot be used in conjunction with or in addition to any other affinity or relocation benefit program or with a discounted commission rate.

Personal Perks Cash Back Real Estate Program

You will receive a cash rebate for each transaction. 

You can use Personal Perks as many times as you want. 

Earn cash rebates of 20% of the commission when that's side commission is 3% or greater.

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Rebate Calculator on 3% Commission